Palmasera Boat Rental, minicrociera golfo orosei, cala gonone cala mariolu, escursioni golfo di orosei prezzi
Minicruise on the Baunei coast

Excursion to Cala Goloritzé

Palmasera Boat Rental, minicrociera golfo orosei, cala gonone cala mariolu, escursioni golfo di orosei prezzi
Minicruise on the Baunei coast

Excursion to Cala Goloritzé

If you love nature and are planning a relaxing seaside vacation in Sardinia, Cala Goloritzè is not to be missed!

Situated on the east coast of Sardinia, its fine, white sand and crystalline waters make it one of the island’s most fascinating and beautiful places.

If you choose our guided minicruise, you can enjoy a fantastic excursion along the Gulf of Orosei and admire the natural beauty of Sardinia’s coastline.

On arriving at Cala Goloritzé, you will be greeted by a beautiful view of the beach’s famous stone spires. Framed by steep stone cliffs, crystal-clear waters of the bay are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

With the opportunity to have a picnic on the beach, soak in the sunshine and sea breeze, or even have an excursion into the nearby mountains to admire the panoramic view, a trip to Cala Goloritzè is an unforgettable experience.

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How to get to Cala Goloritzé

We are pleased to offer a navigated cruisetour of the finest beaches of the Gulf of Orosei, including Cala Goloritzé. The tour leaves in the morning from Cala Gonone and sails as far as Cala Goloritzè.

In addition to swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Piscine di Venere and exploring the Blue Marino Caves, passengers will be able to disembark for three stops at the most picturesque beaches along the coast: Cala Mariolu or Gabbiani, Cala Biriola, and Cala Luna.

Our experienced skippers are happy to share their expertise with every corner of the coastline, offering explanations of the stories of the various beaches available in multiple languages.

Cala Gonone, Orosei


Cala Gonone, Orosei


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Grotta del bue marino

Grotta del Bue Marino (Sea Ox Cave) is a sea cave whose karst system extends over 70 km inland. Guided tours from April to September.

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Cala luna

The ‘pearl of the Mediterranean’ can be reached in just 10 minutes by boat or by trekking, and is also famous for its beautiful grottos. There is the only refreshment point in the gulf.

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cala sisine

It rises at the end of a channel that was once a river bed, but is now the mouth of a small stream, which springs from the Golgo plateau. It can be reached by dinghy in about 20 minutes.

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piscine di venere

Just before arriving at Biriola, you can dive into a stretch of water with bright colours ranging from turquoise to emerald green and from blue to deep blue, the Venus Pools. These are real natural pools where you can only stay at anchor with small boats.

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Cala biriola

A delightful cove of rounded white pebbles, protected by the limestone cliffs, a grove of centuries-old holm oaks, junipers and typical Mediterranean vegetation.

Escursione Guidata Grotta del Fico, cala gonone crociere, porto di cala gonone

Grotta del fico

The Fig Cave can be visited with an expert guide. These caves were once frequented by monk seals, the last sightings of which date back to the late 1980s.

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cala mariolu

Cala Mariolu is one of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast of beautiful Sardinia and the Gulf of Orosei. A dip in the sea that looks painted. It is also known as ‘is puligi de nie’ (the snow fleas) for the round white and pink pebbles that look like snowflakes. 

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Cala dei gabbiani

A natural continuation of Cala Mariolu, it has the same characteristics. A hidden gem, less famous but just as beautiful, in the Baunei area. A southern corner of paradise in the Gulf of Orosei. Very close is Cala delle Sorgenti, whose name derives from the freshwater springs that flow into the sea from the limestone rock.

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Cala goloritzé

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean: a painting born of a fantastic dream. The seabed is surreally beautiful and the turquoise waters flow from underwater karst springs. The natural arch and the famous 143-metre-high pyramid-shaped spire are the backdrop to this Natural Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.

Cala Gonone, Orosei


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